Posted by: Lotta | October 30, 2009

changing of times

IMG_0125Tonight was one of the most beautiful nights I’ve seen in a long time. There was no wind and the cold, crispy air made your nose a little bit red if you stayed outside too long. Your hands needed to be coverd in soft, warm fabric and your feet needed the same.
With no wind making the tress billow to the sound of rustling leafs the night was quiet.  Still and open.

Since these cold nights usually  never bring clouds with them, the stars peak out and twinkle in such a way it feels like they do it just for you. They dance for you under the supervision of the moon, which also shines brighter and more intense this time of the year. It’s such bliss. You can drift off in a complete sense of serenity. I love the stillness.

I went out for a cup of tea on my balcony. With three pair of socks on my feet, gloves and a massive knitted cardigan and a huge scarf, i sat down and closed  my eyes. It was so soothing. I kept my eyes closed for quite some time and tried to point out what sounds I could actually hear. Usually it’s not so hard, there is always some noise coming from somewhere – but barely any this night.

I could hear a few distant clonks from my neighbours kitchen sink, the sound of a car far away and something moving in the leafs on the grass below. At first I thought it was a cat, but after a while I got up and looked down.

The moon shone down and lit up this beautiful tree down below. Since it is this time of the year, it had transformed itself to a piece of artwork of dazzling colors. And it was dropping its leaves. One by one, two and four together, one, two and then none for a little while. It was a weird feeling over the whole thing. Because I never before so intensly listened to the changing of times.

As i mentioned there was no wind tonight. There was no outer trigger that made these leaves drop to the ground.
They just let go.
Because it was time to do so. Somehow I found that to be a very beautiful and thoughtful thing. Letting go so you can move forward, seeing the good in not holding on if not meant to do so.

With the leafs slowly floatin down to the ground, making a painting of colors underneath the tree, I find myself smiling.

Seasons change. And so can people. I think I will sleep very good tonight, with a window slightly cracked so I can hear the soft sound of the leaves letting go of their branch.





  1. This is excactly how I have felt lately…just like you say, the leaves letting go, the season changing, just like us. And somewhere, somehow, someone is standing by smiling, knowing everything takes its natural course.

    Beautiful you on your island. Speak soon,


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