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I’m going to try and get my ass in gear again and take up my writing. Maybe it’ll be easier now that I’m online all the time and can just upload in a second.. We’ll see. But hopefully.

So this is just a test. A test to see if I even know how to use this app!

Posted by: Lotta | March 23, 2011

Change is coming. Slowly, slowly.

You can slowly feel it.  It might not be here just yet, but a reminder of what is to come has started to make its presence.

It’s in the whisper of the wind, the soft fading of the leaves, in the morning mists gentle touch on our feet and the spectacular colors created with the suns earlier setting. The nights are getting colder and with that duvets are again taken out of closets and at last you can lay next to someone, adsorb the warmth of their skin, without over-heating.
Summer is checking out, one beautiful day after the other, and autumn is peeking around every corner.

However, the change in season is not only a change in nature. It’s not just the dramatic color display all around us, or the fresh air filled with clear scents or the shorter days that swaps its coating – you can also feel it in yourself, in others.
At  least I change with the  cooler winds.  I slow down with the less hours of daylight and I take more time to breath when the refreshing air reaches my lungs. My mind slowly gets lighter and my focus diverts to thinking forward, while still staying in the presence which summer has taught me to do, and I always find myself in deep thoughts about what has been and what is to come.

As summer slowly fades and autumn walks in the door, it’s time for change.
Every single year.

It’s lovely to yet again take a break from a season jam-packed with festivities, happenings, travels, late hours and early mornings, meetings and all the wonderful and beautiful things that a summer always brings. The memories is floating with me throughout the weeks and months to come and I know that new glorious ones will be created as I go along, so I am not sad that summer is over for now.
But the fact that I am yet again confused over which path I’m supposed to choose, what choices I should or should not take, what country I should go to or stay in is AGAIN haunting me.. The difficulty of staying in South Africa is becoming more and more clear and it’s now, as the seasons fade in to each other, that I have realized that I have no idea what is right and what is wrong.

I don’t know what to do. I need to figure that one out. I might need to clear my head of thoughts telling me to travel safe roads and instead  listen more to my heart telling me to discover paths not yet walked on. Whichever that is.

So yes. I am very much a summer girl, and I always have these questions lingering in my head. As soon as the flowing dresses are being neatly put back in to the closet, not to be taken out before the first signs of spring, the questions start popping up again and as much as they mess up my head they also help me on my way.

Because who would we be if we didn’t reach for change and if we never asked questions?


Posted by: Lotta | January 3, 2011

2010 moving to 2011

2010. All wrapped up and neatly placed on the shelves where all the other past years is collected, clearly visible but untouchable forever. What were is no longer and what is will be an adventure and surprise.

However, I’m not much of a person that believes in boxing time in to a year. I think i’ve mentioned before that i find it very ridiculous to plan your life after the 365 days we are given, where you always in the end of the year either feel happy because you accomplished what you had in mind, or you feel a bit miserable because you didn’t.
If you just see time as a long stretch of endless opportunities, where there is nothing that says you have to make it before the end of this or that, you’re disappointments would be far less than if you feel like you need to be something or change whatever before the year is over.

Really. Just relax.

Let things take its time, change does not happen over night and achievements are not worth less because they didn’t happen as fast as you expected, or wanted, them to.
2010 was a very lovely little year. So many happy times, memories and love stories. So many football matches, festivals and friends, all nestled together with endless nights of starry skies and amazing summer days.
We’ve laughed and we’ve cried, we’ve created images of our lives to bring with us to the future, and we’ve simply lived. And that’s what it’s all about in the end. As long as you’ve lived your life to the fullest, gave it your all, dreamed of the unreachable and loved to all your hearts content, then no regrets should be lingering in your head. None.

2011 has just started. It has just started.

Imagine all the amazing, wonderful, insightful and important people you are going to meet. All the magical moments and mesmerizing places your eyes will fall upon. Look for the beautiful feelings, and the invisible fairies that will guide you on your way. And close your eyes for a while and hear the whispering change sing in the soft light that is shining for you and us all.

I’m excited.

Got a great feeling about this, and it makes me smile!

Bring it on!


Posted by: Lotta | December 25, 2010

Simply beautiful

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